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'Bacalaitos & Fireworks' Exhibition Press

The Guardian- "
Arlene Gottfried's best photograph: Nuns and kids march through a New York drugs hotspot"

actuphoto- "Avec les Portoricains de NY dans 'Bacalaitos & Fireworks' d'Arlene Gottfried"

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Huffington Post- "Remembering The Puerto Rican Roots Of 1980s New York, In Photos"

Crave Online- "Profile | Arlene Gottfried: Bacalaitos & Fireworks"

Wall Street Journal- "New York's Puerto Rican Community in Portrait"

NYTimes Lens Blog- "The Puerto Rican Lower East Side"

The Guardian- "Arlene Gottfried's snapshots of New York's Puerto Rican community – in pictures"

aCurator- "Arlene Gottfried: Bacalaitos & Fireworks"

i-D- "celebrating puerto rican culture and community in early 80s new york"

Slate Magazine- "Photographing New York’s Puerto Rican Community in the 1970s and ’80s"

Remezcla- "These Photos Capture the Richness of Loisaida’s Nuyorican Life in the 70s and 80s"


'Mommie' Book Press

AI-AP's Profiles- "Arlene Gottfried: "It takes a lifetime to be a new discovery, I guess" 

Atlantic Photo- "Three Generations of Women, Photographed Over 40 Years"

Huffington Post- "'Mommie,' A Portrait Of Three Generations Of Women, Will Make You Call Mom"

Time Magazine Lightbox - "Three Generations of Motherhood In Over 40 Years of Vintage Photos"

Time Magazine Lightbox - "Mother’s Day: The Photographs that Moved Them Most"

SeniorsMatter - "Caregiving with a Camera: The Loving Lens of Arlene Gottfried"

'Sometimes Overwhelming' Exhibition Press

Time Out Paris- "Arlene Gottfried, l'insouciance d'une époque"

The big Paris- "New York, en toute excentricité"

Openminded- "Les New-Yorkais décomplexés d'Arlene Gottfried"

L'Obs- "Photos. New York : les instantanés seventies d’Arlene Gottfried"

Les branchouilles- "Arlene Gottfried"

Le Monde de la Photo- "Exposition : New York à la Gallerie les Douches"

La Fiancée de Paris- "Les expositions que vous n’allez pas rater en 2016"

GallerieMoi- "Arlene Gottfried l’insouciance d’une époque"

BIBA- "Mon coup de coeur pour la liberté et l'humour d'Arlene Gottfried"

L'Å’il de la Photographie- "Paris : Arlene Gottfried, L’Insouciance d’une époque"

Libération- "Arlene Gottfried, Brooklyn pour la vie"

L'Humanité- "Arlene Gottfried, phénomène photographique"

Télérama Sortir- "Arlene Gottfried, le charme irremplaçable du New York des seventies"

Figaroscope- "Arlene Gottfried, l'insouciance d'une époque"

Madame Figaro- "La photographe Arlene Gottfried, l'Å“il d'un New York disparu"

ELLE- "Que faire à Paris ce week-end du 12-13-14 février 2016 ?"

Polka Magazine- "Que fait-on ce week-end ?"

Best regards- "Arlene Gottfried, une âme de nouvelliste"

France Fine Art- "Arlene Gottfried, l'insouciance d'une époque"

Slash- "Arlene Gottfried - Les Douches la Galerie"

Huffington Post- "Classic Black-And-White Photos Capture The Glamour And Grit Of New York City's Past"

Time Lightbox - "When Eccentricity Reigned: Portraits From a Vanishing New York"

Buzzfeed- "27 Gloriously Retro Photos From the Streets of NYC"

Gothamist- "Arlene Gottfried's Fantastic Photos from 1970s & 1980s NYC"

Lenscratch- "Arlene Gottfried: Sometimes Overwhelming: New York in the '70s and '80s"

Musée- "Arlene Gottfried at Daniel Cooney Fine Art"

CBS News- "Overwhelming New York: New York in the '70s & '80s"

Slate- "Arlene Gottfried: To Get These Raw Photos of NYC in the ’70s and ’80s, All She Had to Do Was Ask"

Politiken- "Da New York var modsætningernes by" ("When New York Was Unlike the City")

Glitterati Incorporated- "Daniel Cooney Fine Art: From The Heart"

Vanishing New York- "Sometimes Overwhelming"

Savoring New York- "Exhibit: A Grittier, Unforgettable Era of New York"

We Heart - Arlene Gottfried Unflappable photographer Arlene Gottfried tells the story behind her evocative snapshots of New York life...

Flavorwire- "Old New York Was Sexier Than New New York"

Citizen Brooklyn- "Wild and Wicked: Pre-Gentrified NYC"

artdaily- "First solo show of American photographer Arlene Gottfried in Los Angeles on view at Hardhitta Gallery"

DailyMail- "Love New York, love the streets: Timeless snapshots of the eccentric characters who have walked the city that never sleeps"

Huffington Post Arts & Culture- "Doin' Work, Flash Interviews With Contemporary Photographers: Arlene Gottfried"

Communication Arts- "Shooting Photographs That Sing"

Life Force Magazine- "The Eternal Light"

i-D- "travel back to louche, lawless 70s new york"

Actuphoto- "Arlene Gottfried, Recklessness Photographer"

l'Oeil de la Photographie- "Köln : 5 years – Six Artists"

l'Oeil de la Photographie- "Paris : Arlene Gottfried, A Recklessness Period"

Slash Paris- "Arlene Gottfried: The Carelessness of an Era"

France Fine Art- "Arlene Gottfried: The Carelessness of a Time"

Feature Shoot - "Arlene Gottfried captured the curious faces and peculiar stories of New Yorkers in the 1970's and 80's"

Improvised Life - "Arlene Gottfried On The Benefits Of Wandering"

TIME Lightbox - "The Extravagant Summers of Vacationers in the Catskills"

Lily Hope -  "New York / Galerie Les Douches"

Lomography - "Expo du moment : New York à travers les yeux de 9 photographes"

L'Å“il De La Photographie - "Paris : New York, Group Show, à la galerie Les Douches" 

Glamour - "Expo: la ville de New York Ã  travers le regard de photographes célèbres" 

Le Monde de la Photo - "Exposition : New York À La Galerie Les Douches"

Time Out"Une exposition de photos de la Grosse Pomme" 

NYC, 1981- "Arlene Gottfried: Bacalaitos & Fireworks"

Contour Magazine- "Arlene Gottfried, Singing Photographer"

Eric Kim Interview with Arlene Gottfried

Miss Rosen- "Hot Flash: Arlene Gottfried"

Photo District News- "Arlene Gottfried: “Nuyorican” Retrospective"

Glitterati Incorporated- "Arlene Gottfried: The Eternal Light"

Time Lightbox- "Bacalaitos and Fireworks by Arlene Gottfried"

nextavenue - "How Do You Organize 40 Years of Artwork?"

Arlene Gottfried

Arlene Gottfried, born in Brooklyn, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and worked as a photographer at an ad agency before freelancing for top publications, including The New York Times Magazine, Fortune, Life, and The Independent in London.
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